Through The Seasons Before Us Review

I click on a blog titled Through The Seasons Before Us. Those words combined in such a hideous fashion do not mean anything to me. Is that perhaps because they don’t actually make any f*cking sense? Just a theory. They are a collection of words that need to be dealt the same fate as a lame horse. But I do not ever blame the words. They are powerless to defend themselves against their abusers.

I see on the blog header that there are pictures of smiling young men in some sort of red sports uniform. On the left we see a tanned homosexual, frozen still in some sort of camp posture. The message is clear; If you are a gay man and enjoy looking at young athletes then this is just the place to do it.

I scroll down the page and see a collection of gratuitous photographs of young men in tight shorts. My revilement is hard to bear as I imagine the sexual gratification that these aging voyeurs will be achieving from the photographs- perhaps at that very moment in some moist Greenwich Village hovel. I feel dirty and unclean, as though I am somehow connected to this debase community of self-abusing athlete gawkers. I go to the bathroom to wash but am unable to prevent a jet of vomit from scorching my throat.

I cannot return to my computer. I cannot look at those fit young men for a second longer. I call a taxi company and make an unusual request. I ask that they send a driver to my front door. When he arrives, I offer to give him two bottles of fine red wine if he will only click the HOMEPAGE button in my web browser and protect me from guilt by association. He agrees but makes me suffer the embarrassment that is his conversation. The five minutes he spends in my home feel like an eternity in the intestines of Hell.

Billy’s Rating: Artistic Technique – 3/61 Effectiveness – 12/34


1 Response to “Through The Seasons Before Us Review”

  1. 1 nffc November 8, 2006 at 9:27 am

    Thanks for the review! Brilliant! 🙂

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