My Angry Fire Has Been Stoked.

I doubt if any other piece of writing has ever made me feel this angry and upset. Best to simply let you read it as I am barely able to function as a writer at the moment due to my having to mop up the crimson drops falling on to the floor from my bleeding eyes.

LATE EDIT: If you have clicked the above link you will see that  Grace Upon Grace have been smart enough to take heed of Billy Mouth’s words and remove the offending post. In case you missed it, the post was one single sentence about how the author used to hate oatmeal but now actually likes it.  Insidious


1 Response to “My Angry Fire Has Been Stoked.”

  1. 1 graceupongrace November 7, 2006 at 9:55 pm

    I put it back, I just didnt want you link to work. If your read the rest of the blog you would see that it is a blog for me, not for you. If you do choose to read it again, I hope that you would not be so blind. I hope that you would see what that Blog is really about. I am sorry that your were offended, perhaps you should try the Vanilla oatmeal, I enjoy it.

    Because Jesus is King,
    megan bess

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